MOMS Club Activities

MOMS Club® 

of the White Mountains

Other benefits of MOMS Club

  • Helping Hands: Our members offer meal support to other members who have recently had a birth, death, or major illness in the family.
  • We have a babysitting co-op where our members can trade babysitting services without breaking the bank!
  • Our chapter has a members-only Facebook group where we are able to network, share community information, and get advice from other MOMS Club members!


We have several in-home playgroups that are constantly evolve as our membership needs and availability of hosts change. Playgroups may be open to all ages or be age-based, such as babies only, babies and toddlers, or preschoolers. Each playgroup schedules a meet-up once a month with activities appropriate to the age group, or sometimes the kids simply play while the moms enjoy casual conversation!

Moms Night Out (MNO)

This is a highly anticipated, fun-filled event that occurs once a month and is our only regular evening activity. Whether this time together is a dinner out at a restaurant, a potluck, or game night in a member’s home, it’s a fantastic way to relax and enjoy ourselves while having a fabulous time with some really great ladies!

Field Trips and Tours

We try to schedule at least one tour or field trip per month that we think will be of interest to our members. Some of our field trips and tours have taken place at a fire station, the Willis Farms Pumpkin Patch, a radio station, a stable, Stanford General Store, an alpaca farm, and a fish hatchery!

Park Days and Hikes

When the weather permits, we really like to take advantage of the wonderful parks and hiking trails in our community! Having other moms there to chat with makes these activities extra special!

Monthly Social

This is a great place to chat with friends and connect with other members! It is our business meeting where chapter matters like activity planning, charity selection, and budgeting are discussed, as well as where voting takes place. Children, as always, are welcome at the monthly social!  

Book Club

Interested members meet up once a month to discuss the chosen book, and of course also to socialize!


We enjoy planning activities around the holidays (such as a costume party for Halloween and valentine exchange for Valentine’s Day) as well as having diaper showers for our expecting mothers!


Once a month our members are able to meet up for breakfast at a kid-friendly restaurant for breakfast!

Cooking Club

We plan cooking activities for both moms and the kids!

Crafting Club

Once a month we gather for a crafting activity--for the kids, the moms, or both!

Our chapter’s activities are constantly changing as the needs and interests of our membership change. Activities like knitting classes, music days, and yoga and dance classes are sometimes included in our calendar as members express interest.